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Chapter 1

ANTA02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Social Relation, Social Forces, Sweatpants

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Maggie Cummings

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Focuses on West Side Chicago neighborhood called East-wood
Learned how to build social bonds, listen to people's desires and how to learn from the ways
people imagined alternative futures
Comfortable with capturing speech as it was heard
Mrs. Pearl did not like how her dialogue was changed to more formal language and liked to
leave it the way it had been said
African American Vernacular English
Wanted to represent the richness of this language and do justice of its depth and beauty
Voices bring to life the activities that take place in Chicago's street corners
Bring dimension to people's identities and life struggles
Picture represents what It means to have a renegade dream
Young urban blacks in contemporary culture through references of Old Master paintings
Tradition between contemporary and traditional modes of representation creating a
fusion of period styles
Baseball caps, graphic t-shirts, sweatpants, etc. = beautifully anachronistic
Justin Cone : Wheelchair
17 students had been killed and the number was going to increase
Speakers were ex- gang members who would come to speak to the school about gang violence,
were disabled by a gunshot and were talking about their wounds to the students
Ex- gang members would bring plastic bags and medical tubing and explain in graphic detail to
disturb the students on how life in a wheel chair isn't great
"They say when you gang bang, when you drug deal, the outcomes are either death or jail."
(Tony Apkan- one of the disabled speakers on stage)
He says that the wheel chair is the prison from the choices he had made as he is paralyzed
below the waist
The ex-gang members are trying to highlight the realities of coming in age in a poor community
surrounding violence
Scholarships fail to acknowledge that victims of gun violence are more likely to be disabled than
8,000 people were killed and over 36,000 have been disabled
Start violence prevention agency and spread the word on gang violence and help make a change
Injury took many different forms
Dilapidated houses that showed in the neighbourhood that it was in disrepair
"uncontrollable" young affiliates who symbolized a gang in crisis
Drug dealers saw injury behind the tired eyes of peers who imagined a future beyond
selling drugs
Diseases like HIV, pain and pill management which could lead to death (Amy O'Neal)
Injuries weren't only what a doctor could identify and diagnose it was also something that
followed Eastwoodians through life and weighed them down affecting their future
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