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Chapter 5

ANTA02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Narrative, Drug Resistance, Drug Rehabilitation

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Maggie Cummings

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Young female inmates recites versus out of the bible and after bible study, the teens have
recreational periods working on their creative projects
Community church's outreach program have one goal: Convert non believers into followers of
Jesus Christ
Number of ideas about sin and healing (injury and redemption)
Church ministry equates HIV with sexual deviance and sexual deviance with sin
Sin is moral transformation as well as social reform for them
Rates of diseases and addictions are high - containing influences becomes the basis for both
governmental intervention and economic investment
Addressing disease and addictions is a new way for the church on how to interpret how the
body heals from injury
Healing is not defined as either a full recovery or a terminal diagnosis but rather it's an ongoing
Churches help patients heal by fostering an environment that prizes willingness - willingness to
remain faithful, sober or loyal
Challenge: Eastwoodians do not want to transcend addiction and disease through
religion and leave their past behind
Renegade will is how it plays a vital role in helping leaders of religious and medical institutions
understand the ways that injury is linked to urban poverty
Narrating one's experience of injury becomes a vital resource
A lot of HIV positive teenagers don’t get help and get really sick to the point where they can't
get better. Many of them also stop taking their medications and many get started on drugs
which adds insult to the injury
Antiretroviral drugs (drugs that work to maintain function of the immune system by preventing
infections and thus extend HIV patient's life span). This drug has dramatically changed the social
landscape in disease-infected regions
If a patient misses the antiretroviral drug regimen than drug resistance can develop
Drug resistance makes it more difficult to treat the infected patient and anyone that
person might infect
Healing resides at the intersection between clinical and moral understanding of illness
Teenage students take part in Temple Practice and Pastor Tim's hope that these gang members
find their way to God through these services
Footworkin' is a style of dance that was created during the explosion of violence in the drug
boom - became one of the many expressions of gang rivalry
Remains only with those in gang life
Durkheim defined religion as a unified system of beliefs and rituals that unite a "moral
Footworkers disrupt biblical readings by groaning, sighing, making jokes, etc.
Footworkers feel injury by the way the church paints and their actions as reckless
The dance performance that is out on for the Saturday night service is about developing the
resolve it takes to heal from injury
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