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In Search of Respect: Epilogue 2003 Notes

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Maggie Cummings

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Epilogue 2003 ANTA02
Primo’s mom died and he was kicked out of her apartment
He refrains from drinking and sniffing cocaine
o But still does heroin sometimes, despite being on drugs for stopping his urges
Primo became addicted to heroin following night porter job
Works off the books for construction, wants to be independent contractor
Primo’s son Papo ran way to Florida
Caesar was in jail and out for beating his step children
Candy hurt her back moving a patient as a home-care attendant and no longer works
Felix still works legally and only sniffs cocaine on the weekends
Luis has remained drug free since released
Tony works as unionized doorman and no longer sells drugs
Little Pete and his brother Nestor are still in prison
Angel and Manny moved with their mom to an new project apartment, may be still selling drugs
Benzie still works legally as cook’s aide and lives w/ girlfriend in Brooklyn who works as taxi
Author had account of child abuse from Esperanza
The author notices that undercover police are cracking down on quality of life crimes
o E.g. drinking out in public
Author notices in the Mayor’s fight against quality of life crimes, marijuana became
decriminalized because there are too many cases
o People are getting fined for small things and bigger crimes like drug possession may be
thrown out because there are too many of them
Primo still sniffs a little heroin, but his wife Jasmine got a promotion, and he is at home taking
care of the kids
Brian (Esperanza’s son) in jail is threatened by jail officials by confiscating the authors book and
urging him to confess accomplices in murders
o Author is protected by confidentiality and his book cannot be used in court, also Luis
was just a child during his fieldwork
Child that was being abused next to Esperanza was taken away by government
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