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Ch 3 Notes In Search of Respect

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Maggie Cummings

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Chapter 3: Crackhouse Management: Addiction, Discipline, and DignityANTA02
Crack selling is like other businesses in that it involves risk and management versus
employee hierarchies
Living with Crack
Primo was once addict, but his first cousin Felix, who founded the Game Room
Felix offered Primo a job after Felix was injured, allowed him self-worth and
confidence to kick crack habit
Ray took over after Candy sold the Game Room to him
oFelix lost it after he was sent to prison
oCandy shot Felix after she found him sleeping with his sister
Restructuring Management at the Game Room
Ray kept Primo, but gave him shift hours and commission from crack
Ray was very good at labor relations
oKnew when to be violent and when to show friendship without appearing
oDid this by hiring people that were related to family or made them relate to
his family
E.g. by making Primo a godfather they established compadre
Compadrazgo sanctifies solidarity and reciprocal obligations with men
Primo was a founding member of Ray’s crackhouses, so he got benefits and became a
successful manager of the Game Room location quickly
oWouldnt be possible so fast in legal world
Primo hired Benzie and Caesar as lookouts
oBenzie would disrespect customers a lot
oCaesar smoked crack so couldnt be trusted
Curbing Addiction and Channeling Violence
Caesars crack and drinking binges made him violent
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