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Ch 8 Notes In Search of Respect

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Maggie Cummings

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Chapter 8: Vulnerable FathersANTA02
Fathers not being around is not the biggest problem for children, its poverty
oFathers in inner city are often abusive
Rural household with male parent working cant be continued because there arent
any jobs
oDont have protection of family or community
Idealized jibaro lifestyle rejects people with power in US society
Respect and dignity conflict with historical colonial dependency, migration,
urbanization and ghettoization
Street culture of entry level labor and underground economy force people into
poverty and violence
Celebrating Paternal Powerlessness
Men focus their energy on underground economy where they can have masculine
dignity through promiscuity, violence and substance abuse
They channel their failure to establish a nuclear family to other things
Primo made up for his inability to support his children, traditionally masculine
responsibility, by becoming a womanizer
Most men had idea for sex role that only men are allowed to be promiscuous
Eddie (Caesars) cousin believed having many women was a way of making them feel
free, even though they were poor and oppressed
Masculinity in Historical Crisis
Ray and people as old as him had more traditional Puerto Rican, Jibaro views of
Traditionally, theres no formal education cost, and food is grown, so it helps to have
many children who are also labourers
oTraditionally, benefit of having children here outweighs the cost
Respect centers around having a large family and supporting it
Ray and Luis were hypocrites when it came to supporting some of their children,
used excuse of unworthiness for not supporting them
Ray got respect from wealth and womanizing, even though he abandoned his
children and baby’s mothers
Older generation saw having many children as gaining respect, while younger
generation got respect from sexual conquests, not how many children they have
Relationship between identity and household composition has changed
In rural times, Large families would help to establish communities that control
women and children, oblige men to support their families
Men no longer command respect from families b/c of change in family forms and
gender hierarchies
There is a Puerto Rican taboo of being a disrespected father
Primos father would go into ataque de nervios (similar to Candy when she shot
Felix), when he heard about his Primos moms lovers
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