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Chapter 4

Week 5 TDBTM chapter 4 notes

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Girish Daswani

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Chapter 4 Sex Tourism and the Political Economy of Masculinity
Jimmys Bar and Grill was a popular place for male tourists who travelled to the
island to meet Dominican women
A North American man got ripped off when he went to the mechanics in the
Dominican. So he went to tell the police, but they said, no hablo ingles, so the N.A.
man, put his wife on the phone to speak to them. She was a Dominican woman who
came from a police careered family and whose father was the general of the police
who would not listen to the N.A. man. When the wife spoke, the police started
shitting their paints and arrested the mechanic and put him in jail. The N.A. man
received all 2000 pesos back
oThis story narrated the mastering of social differences- cultural, linguistic,
political through exercise of control over women
Symbolic coherence and practical articulation of increasingly global social
hierarchies rely on imagining and exercising this heteronormative model of
The selling of sexuality, van der Veen writes, becomes the defining feature of that
person: a sex worker is defined by that particular identity rather than by the
multiple, other indentities she may have as mother, sister, daughter, artist and so
To be sure, the relationship between economic restricting and sex/gender hierarchies
stretches well beyond the frontiers of tourist enclaves such as Boca Chica
Both the tourism and export-processing sectors of the Dominican economy rely
heavily on the exploitation of womens labour, and, as a result, have set in motion
social forces, both structural and symbolic, that provide a key macroeconomic context
for the analysis of Boca Chicas sex tourism industry and the exercise of imperial
The rapid growth of the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic relied on the
mobilization and reconfiguration of social hierarchies and ideologies based on
gender, class, and racial distinctions.
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