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15 Apr 2012
WEEK 1 Xavier Inda and RosaldoTracking Global Flows
- Five Snapshots:
o Snapshot 1- Guatemala-several mayan youth who are unmarried daughters work as
apparel assemblers. Repetitive tasks in assembly line. If they don’t meet production goal
$ is deducted from their pay. Earn about $4 a day for 14 hrs of work .
o Snapshot 2: Germanyrefusal of Turkish muslims to integrate into German society.
They believe that a parallel society has developed in the heart of german cities where
honor killings are rampant and patriarchy/womens oppression happens. Some people
trying to ‘save’ these women
o 3-Russia-McDonalds emerging and changing landscape. Anti American sentiments and
demonstrators use Mcdonalds as staging areas.
o 4- Nigeriaindian films have become integral part of media scene. Indian jewellery and
fashion have influenced local fashions. Bollywood has infiltrated theri popular culture.
o 5- Hong Kong-lots of discussion on female inheritance. Women under
customary/colonial law were unable to inherit land. Women’s groups demanding legal
change. Some conservatives protest female inheritage undermines tradition
- These snapshots nicely depict globalization. This term (simply) in this paper refers to the
intensification of global interconnectedness, suggesting a world full of movement and mixture,
contact and linkages, and persistent cultural interaction and exchange.
o Guatemalan workers for example show how capital flows are more mobile.
Corporations have now established farther and farther away from their head offices.
o Germany case-migration of ppl from 3rd world to 1st worldleads to clashing/colliding of
o Mcdonalds in Russiapeople have to deal with the global standardization of cultural
o Nigeriamedia allows Nigerians to patake in imagined realities of their own cultures.
o Hong Kong-fear expressed by conservatives of female empowerment undermining
traditions highlights struggle b.w cultural authenticity vs foreign influence.
- Territories turn into places where cultures converge, clash and struggle with each other;
commodities drift briskly from one locality to another; ideologies circulate rapidly.
- The world in reality and experience becomes more interconnected.
- Few Words of Caution: although technology and communication has made it easier for people
and things to get around, the world is not shrinking for everyone in all places.
- Globalization is an uneven process.
o Ex. Some people cant afford a plane ticket or phone call-hence no interconnectedness.
- There are the stories of those people who are martignalized or excluded in this interconnected
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