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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes

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R Song

Chapter 3: EvolutionAn Overview Big Bang to Big Dinosaurs -are a number of hypotheses to account for the origin of the universe -in the very beginningall the energy, space, and matter of known universe were compacted into a dense, hot, inconceivably tiny speck of energy -others believe, the universe has always been here -science can account for most of the history of the universe, using the fact that the universe is rapidly expanding -scientists apply the current laws of physics and astronomy and work backward -hypothetically they shrink the universe an determine what would happen to all its matter and energy under conditions of decreasing size and increasing density and heat -also plan a time frame for the events involved -around 15 billion years ago, was when the tiny speck began to expand -this event is known as the Big Bang -this inflation is hypothesized to be caused by the accumulation of a material that created a repulsive forcethe opposite of gravitys attractive force -after the expansion began, the space-energy speck, now the size of a basketball began cooling off -matter began to condense from energy -the first matter was in the form of the smallest subatomic particles -as the universe continued to grow and cool, increasingly large particles formed -three minutes after the Big Bang, atomic nuclei appeared -it took another 100,000 years to form the first atoms www.notesolution.com
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