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Chapter 2


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Mary Silcox

CHAPTER 2 NOTES THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE EVOLUTIONARY THEORY - earliest human ancestor eveolved from a species 5-8 billion years ago and that was the last common ancestor we shared with chimps - apes and ourselves diverged frm and common ancestor and we went to evolve as humans and they evolved as apes - each living species is the current product of processes that go back to millions of years - history of evolutionary thought o Darwin and Alfred russel Wallace both developed theory of natural selection o Religious belief that everything was created by god and could not evolve- fixity of species - The scientific revolution o Usher figured out through regat earth was 400BC was the first to say a specific date o Artistole said  Te ear circled the moon stars. We are the centre of the universe - Precursors to the theory of evolution o RAY  Made classification system, species, genus o linnaues  Bionomial nomenclature  Added class and order o Lamarck  Inheritance of aqquired traits  Giraffe a trait acquired by an animal during tits life time can be passed on to offspring o Cuvier  Extinction  Catastrophism  Earths geological features are a result of violent cataclysmic events like a flood  Proposed in opposition to Lamarck o Malthus  Essay on principle of population  Inspired Darwin and Wallace  Argued that increased numbers of humans will lead to famine o Lyell  Wrote the principles of geology which Darwin read  Uniformitarism  Geological process observed in the present are the same as those in that occurred past o Darwin  Wrote the orgin of species  The decent of man (1871)  Went on boat beagle to observe animals and saw other places  Saw particular islands (the bird example)  Adaptive radiation: single species creates a while different types of forms of these things  Darwin Finches  biological variation within a species awas very certun  sexual reproduction increases variation  in mathuls essay  population increases faster than resources  constant struggle for existnance  under conditions, variations would tend to be preserved and unfavorable ones to be destroyed  the result of this would be a form
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