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Human Antiquity Textbook Notes

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Genevieve Dewar

ANTA01Chapters 17 Key TermsChapter 1myth a story usually invoking the supernatural to account for some aspect of the worldpast used this to answer where we come fromevery culture has its own mythhighly variable differs from culture to culturebased on imagination and creativitymay also not be based on observation from the real world not even testable information or collected data science the method of inquiry that attempts to explain phenomena through observation and the development of hypothesescreation myths A myth that explains the origin of the world and its inhabitantshas several functions1 it provides an account of the orgin of the world2 it tells the story of a peoples beginningstheir early history3 it lays out the societys worldview and belief system4 it explains the origin and meaning of peoples rules of social behaviourtries to set up a social systemwith some supernatural powerto maintain social order also reflects the environment historycultural system of the societyaffects how Western people studied the pastevolution the systematic change over of organisms or social systemstries to study the origin and development of the human species with the basis of Escientific method the process by which phenomena are through observation and the development and testing of hypothesestwo types of explanations1induction developing a general explanation from specific observationsof how things work2deduction the process of suggestin
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