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Ch 9 Motivating and Leading EmployeesPsychological Contractso Psychological Contracts set of expectations contributions expected and inducements expected in return to employees If managed effectively workers will be satisfied and motivatedo Human relations interactions and attitudes between employers and employees Importance of Job Satisfaction and Morale Job Satisfaction degree of enjoyment derived from job Morale overall attitude employees have toward workplace Reflects degree to which they perceive their needs are being metImportance of SatisfactionMore efficiencyDissatisfied workers more likely to be absent high turnover percent of organizations workforce that leaves and must be replaced o Some turnover is healthy too much is waste of resourcesTurnover on the rise in CanadaMotivation in the WorkplaceMotivation set of forces that causes people to behave in certain ways Theories of motivationClassical Theory of Motivation Fred Taylor o People motivated almost solely by money o Scientific Management TimeandMotion studies each job redesigned to be most highly efficient increased productivity allowed for higher wagesThe Hawthorne Study o Almost any action on the part of management that made workers believe they were receiving special attention increased productivity o Hawthorne effect workers productivity increases when they feel special attention from managementContemporary Motivation Theories o The HumanResources Model o Theories X and Y X people must be forced to be productive manage them that way o Y people want to be productive manage them that way more effective o Maslows Hierarchy of Needs ModelHierarchy of 5 human needs People move from the bottom to top physiological to the top selfactualization and wont seek the next
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