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Maggie Cummings

Journal 1Many would argue today that a liberal arts degree is useless but the truth is it is just all a big misconception First one being that a liberal arts degree is a luxury no families can afford Now luxury is a big word to is use and it indicates that higher education today prepares people for jobs that do not exist Second misconception it is harder to find a job for most collegeuniversity students with a liberal arts degree but what they dont know is that many people who work on wall street more of business related you would think needs analytical skills liteterature to succeed Misconception 3 liberal arts degree would be irrelevant for liw income families bbecause they do not simply understand the elements of knowledge simply because they would prefer something more practical and money making Misconception 4 there are other fields than only liberal arts so move on STEM and acronym for science technology engineering and mathematics is where the action is misconception 5 stop indoctrinating more children into liberal arts because our country has already gone trouble in recent years due to the liberal democrats Little do these people know that this field can prepare someone for life and more so resolve issues that are created in the country if they do go into politics with this degree Misconeception 6 every country but America moves ahead to let children straight form high school get into more career oriented degree like in medicine Misconception 7 the cost of American education is way too high and governments are only focused on money and not education Overall I think that these misperceptions are misunderstood meaning its not only what meets
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