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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 lecture and textbook notes: civilizations

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Genevieve Dewar

Chapter 15 Development of the plow and wheel trade and transport of goods helped increase production levels which allowed development of social complexity Cities urban centers that support and are supported by lesser communities Statepolitically controlled territory best idea leads egalitarian Social stratificationclass structure or hierarchy political kings and religious figures were usually at the top followed by artisans and merchants then lastly farmers Civilizationthe larger social order that includes states related by language traditions history and culture They occur when there is a surplus of production which lead to social complexity and economic advantages Not 100 accurate Clyde Kluckhohn proposed that civilization have 1 permanent residence 2 keep records does not necessarily need to be in writting 3 have monumental ceremonial architecture Luxury of building these probably has a successful society 6 classic theories of the emergence of states Raceonly develop in regions where they are biologically capable wrongEnvironmental determinismenvironment dictates w
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