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ANTA01 Ch 1

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Genevieve Dewar

Ch 1 Frameworks 116 Myth stories of the supernatural to account for some aspects of the worldEarths creation1 divine intervention2 arousal of elements on earththe big bang theoryScience method of inquiry to explain phenomena through observationdevl and testing of hypothesisYanomamiuniverse was comprised of 4 layers1 empty2 sky w Yanomami Gods3 earth4 village of spiritmen who eats childrens soulsthe first beings Gods were credited w functions a God Periboriwa became wounded by other first beings and the blood that hit the earth became men one of the men became pregnant in his legsgave birth to a timid specie of womenThe Ancient Hebrew 2the sixday creationgod created heaven earthhumanity the manwoman was told to multiplygod created water on the world a man f dusta woman f his ribs god created the Garden of Edenanimals for their company manwoman disobey god by consuming the forbidden fruitso theyre condemned to child bearing labourgod destroys all his creations the only survivors are a few animalsNoah and his family Shem JaphethHam through an ark
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