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ANTA01 Ch 2

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Genevieve Dewar

Ch 2 Eden Questioned 1748 the bible has stated that the worlds age is less than 6000 yearsArchbishop James Ussher 15811656 determined the world was created in 4004 BCtherefore 6000 years old thth In the 1719 centuries natural scientistsphilosophers began to seek enlightenment about the world around them f nature itself Reverend John Ray 16271705 created The Wisdom of God Manifested in the Works of the Creation exploring the conduct of scientific inquiryUniformitarianism Contribution f Geology physical changes in the earth began to contradict the writings of the Bible of the earths creationthe answer to the earths natural changes is explained by catastrophic events Noahs flood earthquakesCatastrophist an adherent of the idea that the world was changed over time by catastrophic events natural scientistsgeologists opposed the view of catastrophists because no size impactevidence of any global catastrophes could have been responsible for the earths present state Geology an empirical science w hypotheses for explaining the earths condtReverend Thomas Burnet 16351715 suggested the earth undergoes slow natural processes of erosion by wind icewater Robert Hooke 16351703 interpreted fossils as remains of extinct animalsplantsextinction of organisms is the result of longterm and slow phenomenacatastrophic events Georges Buffon 17071788 wrote A Natural History questioning the Genesis story Uniformitarianism the concept that biologicalgeological processes that affected the earth in the past still operate today the world looks the way it does bc of natural observable processes however Epochs of Nature accommodated both the Genesis referenceuniformitarian view a retraction of BuffonJames Hutton 17261797 the earths appearance could be understood by studying its natural slowuniform processes ie weathering believed that God created the earth to be a selfregulating system Charles Lyell 17971875 the present is the key to the pastto understand the past one must study the observable geological processes of todaythe work of Buffon HuttonLyell introduced the idea of an old earth susceptible to changeevolutionNatural Selection Contribution f Biologychanges on earth suggested changes in human lifeCarolus Linnaeus 17071778 Creationist one who believes that a supernatural power was responsible for the origin of the universe earthliving things
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