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ANTA01 Ch 5

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Genevieve Dewar

Ch 5 The Primates 105142 th Carolus Linneaus 18 CE naturalistcharacteristics of Homo sapiens were diurnal active during the day varying by edusituationLinnaean Taxonomy a classification system based on similaritiesdifferences of living creaturesLinnaean Taxonomy of 5 Familiar Species 1758Human Chimpanzee Bonobo Gorilla Orangutan Kingdom Animalia Animalia Animalia Animalia Animalia Phylum Chordata Chordata Chordata Chordata Chordata Class Mammalia Mammalia Mammalia Mammalia Mammalia Order Primates Primates Primates Primates Primates Family Hominidae Pongidae Pongidae Pongidae Pongidae Genus Homo Pan Pan Gorilla Pongo Species Sapiens Troglodytes Paniscus Gorilla Pygmaeus It takes both the genusspecies names to denote a particular species us humans are Homo sapiensWe are members of kingdom Animalia bc we ingest food have sense organsnervous systemsare capable of intentional movementOther 3 kingdoms are Eukaryotes complex singlecelled organism FungiPlantsLinnaean Taxonomy of Humans Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Animalia Chordata Mammalia Primates Hominidae Homo Sapiens Ingestion Notochord Hair Arboreal Habitual bipeds Toolmaking Brain size 10002000 ml MovementWarmblooded DevelopedOmnivorevision Sense organsLive birth Grasping handsMammary Large brainsglands ActiveIntelligentthere are 30 phyla body structure within kingdom AnimaliaNotochord the evolutionary precursor of the vertebral columnhumans are members of the phylum Chordata bc we have a spine to support our bodyprotect the spinal chord extension of central nervous systemChordates w a spine are in a subphylum Vertebrates humans are in the class Mammalia mammals are animals who have w adaptive skillsreliance on learned behvrs there are 19 orders specific adaptive strategies within class Mammalia ie flying bats aquatic whaleshumans are members of order Primates Phenetic taxonomy a classification system based on existing phenotypic features physical comparisonsadaptations Taxon a category within a taxonomic classificationCladistics a classification system based on order of evolutionary branching rather than on present similaritiesdifferencesShared derived characteristics phenotypic features shared by 2 or more taxonomic groups that are
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