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ANTA01 Ch 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Genevieve Dewar

Ch 10 The EvolutionNature of Modern HumanityModernlooking ppl existed for 200 00 yrs Multiregional Evolution MRE model Wolpoff the hypothesis that Homo sapiens is abt 2 million yrs oldthat modern human traits evolved in geographically diverse locationsthen spread through the species through gene flowHomo erectus spread throughout the Old World evolving geneticphenotypic differences due to a variety of envt condtHomo sapiens A variable species but a single speciesTransitional traits should be found in many locationsFeatures characteristic of a given location should appear in premodernmodern popn there No biological definition of modernity no set of modern traits thats lacking among premoderns98 Portugal child who lived 25 000 ya was found protruding chin proportionately small front teeth robust bones hybrid btw Neanderthalsanatomically modern humansLittle genetic diversity constant genetic exchange among popn decreases regional genetic differences Genes can flow as a result f migration H erectus migrated f Africa to JavaThere were climatic changes of the Pleistocene sea levels rosedropped which didnt completely inhibit human movementgene flowArgument Hominid popn were too scattered across the 3 continents of the Old World to be connected through gene flow Too many geographic barriers ice age desert mountain to have maintained the flow of genesRecent African Origin RAO model StringerTattersall the hypothesis that Homo sapiens evolved recently as a separate species in Africathen spread to replace more archaic popn throughout the Old World wo gene flowHomo sapiens is a separate species that branched f an extinct archaic Homo species in Africa around 200150 yaThus
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