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Chapter 2

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Genevieve Dewar

Chapter 2 The Development of Evolutionary Theory IntroHumans didnt evolve from chimpanzees or monkeysEarliest human ancestors evolved from species 58 million yrs agoThat ancestral specie was the last common ancestor we share with chimpanzeesLineage that lead to apes and human separated from a monkeylike ancestor 200 million yrs ago A brief History of Evolutionary Thought th Discovery of evolutionary principles took place in western Europe because of scientific thinking from the 16 centuryArabs Indians Chinese and Greek had notions on biological evolution but never really formulated itCharles Darwin first to describe basics of evolutionAlfred Russel Wallace came up with the theory of natural selection as wellNatural Selection genetic change or changes in the frequencies of certain traits in populations due to differential reproductive success between individualsFixity of Species the notion that species once created can never change an idea diametrically opposed to theories of biological evolution The Scientific RevolutionArab and Indian Scholars developed concepts o f planetary motion centuries earlier that the EuropeansIn 1514 Copernicus proved that the Earth Revolved around the sun disproving Aristotles Theory but Indian Scholars proved this long b4 thth In 16 and 17 centuriesscholars improved their scientific knowledge thJohn Ray17 century 16271705First to recognize that groups of plants and animals could be distinguished from other groups by their ability to mate with one another and produce offspringPlaces groups of reproductively isolated organisms into a single category called it speciesNotic
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