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Dr.Rhan- Ju

Anthrology notes Chapter 1 for some, the creation by an all-powerful, supernatural being who cannot be seen but whose existence is inferred by the great powerr and beauty reflected In the world amongst us - There are 3 origin tales 1) Yanamamo, native American living in Southern Venezuela and Northern Brazil Hunt and farm in the jungles of the Orinioco River Chognon 1997: in the beginning, the cosmos were made of four layers The first layer had once had a function but now is empty, second layer is the visible sky, third layer is earth, huge jungle dotted with counter less Yanamamo villages, and fourth layer contains a single village inhabited by spirit people who sometimes travel up to earth to capture and eat the souls of children and must be guarded against The Yanamamo gods were created with layers of cosmos Each is being presented with a specific function; plants, tools, fire, animals, knowledge of farming Panama believe they came to creation when one of the first beings were Periboriwa, who came to earth to eat the souls of children, two other first beings shot at him as he ascended to the second layer, Periboriwa was wounded with each drop of blood that hit the earth became a Yanamamo man Since they are created of blood each men are fierce warriors One of the men became pregnant on his leg and gave birth to more men and new types such as women came to life The new panama people were timid and docile All first beings became spirits and now dwell with the souls of departed yanamamos, on the second layer a replicas of the real world third layer The ancient Hebrews Two different versions of their creation story An all-powerful being who brought order to a chaotic world of water In six days he created, light; heaven; the earth with its dry land, oceans and plants the sun, moon and stars, animals, flying creatures, land animals and in his own image man and woman This being told them that the creations were for their use Told them the man and women to replenish the earth and subdue it and granting humans with domain over the fish of the sea and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth Second version proved additional details concerning the origins of humans and relates the early history of the Hebrew people Human like god creates water on a dry world and produced a man out of the Dust of the ground He plants a garden in a place called Eden for the man to care for and eat from www.notesolution.com
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