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Genevieve Dewar

Chpt 6 Behaviour, Adaption and Evolution: Homologies: A trait shared by two or more species through inheritance from a common ancestor Analogy: A trait shared by two or more species, but not evolutionary the same  I..e the wings of an insect and a bat Ethology: The study of animals in their natural habitat Baboons: Old World monkeys belonging to the genus Papio Male baboons have individual indenties, differential social power, and influence and that they protect and defend the troop from members of other troops and from predators  A tightly structured dominance hierarchy does not exist!  Structure of troops is based on friendship  Friendships may determine who mates with whom  Differential social power exist on experience/skill and ability to manipulate others  Females are central to the troops, and bring generations together, males are more mobile and less stable  Females choose their mates, males make a pass at them when their ovaluating (estrus) Chimpanzees  Orangutan: Asian ape  Bond between mother and infant is strong  Studied by Jane Goodall  Dominance hierarchies, males are generally dominat over females, but lose hierarchies exist for females  Grooming promotes social adhesion, and is also a sign of dominance  Societys are marked by cooperation and mutal concern  Family Unit: Mother and offspring, chimps are prosmicious, so father is also unknown  Form strong communities, unrelated adults come to the aid of offspring  Eat Meat, males and sometimes females are hunters Gorilla  Unlike the chimp, gorilla spends most of its time on the ground  Unlike the chimp, it doesn’t make tools  Very large, doesn’t have enemeies expect for humans  Almost Veggiet
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