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Homo heidelbergensis & Homo Neanderthalensis - Lec 7.docx

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Genevieve Dewar

Homo heidelbergensisHomo neanderthalensisrdTuesday October 23 2012 Outline 20 mya to 30 kyao Identifying specieswe know a lot about one but not the othero Late australopithecines homo erectus hneanderthalensis hsapiens clear knowledgeoHhabilisnot clear knowledgegroup as early homos o Lumped together because there are unclear information about themoflourisiensissame species Environmental contextHomo erectusergasterHomo heidelbergensis Homo rhodesiensisHomo neanderthalensis Timeline 12090 kyao Klasies River Mouth 400 kya3018kya 8090 kya o When did hsapiens develop o Quafzeh based on anatomystructure 40 kya 200 kyaknow hsapiens begano Anatomically modern humans400100 kyafound in Europe o Archaic hsapiens emerge40 Kya throughout Old Worldo Upper Paleolithic traditions300 kyabegin o Sima de los Huesos Why we sometimes refer to these200 kya species as archaic homos o Kabwe o We are the same species o Levallois technique beginscapable of interbreedingbut16050 kyawe are subspecies only o Mousterian tool industries We call Neanderthals archaic homos 150 kyao Group between Neanderthals o Hsapiens idaltu Ethiopiaand hsapiensearly homos12540 kyaArchaic hsapiens between herectuso Neanderals found in Middle hsapienshsapiensEast and Europe Pleistocene Backgroundthe Great Ice Age Lower Pleistocene 16 mya to 780000 ya o Homo erectusergastero Oldawan tool industry Middle Pleistocene 780000 to 128000 ya o Herectusearly archaic Homo sapiens o More advanced erectusUpper Pleistocene 12800 to 20000 ya o Late archaic incl Neanderthalsmodern Homo sapiensIce Age yaxistime present at topglacial periodGreat Ice Agevery cold Extreme fluctuationsRapid change in temperatureo Resulted in change and transformations in speciesHomo erectus 2005 myaEuropeAsia oOnly in Asia that they continued unaffected by other species Zhoukoudian Cave o Advanced looking herectus o Chineseo Excavated by Black o Fossils in Chinao Thought were dragon bonescrushed themEugene Dubois o Indonesia o Found Java man herectuso Interesting because it was not found in Africa Davidson Black 8501000cc o Early herectushad smaller brain size than later onesMeanwhile at the same timeHomo ergaster workman o Find specimens more primitive than Asiao Looked slightly different so called it Ergaster 1914 myaEast and South Africa
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