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Chapter 3

chapter 3 (lecture 3)

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Victor Barac

ANTA02 Chapter 3 Ethics and Methodslecture 3Evolution of EthnographyBronislaw Malinowskipolish anthropologist who is considered to be the founder of ethnography believed that the ethnographers job is to study and record cultural diversity threatened by Westernization ethnographers primary task to grasp the natives point of view his relation to life to realize his vision of his world Malinowskis Argonauts of the Western PacificTrobrian Islanders links between that entry point and other areas of the culture kinship religion etcEthnographic Realismwriters goal was to present an accurate objective scientific account of a different way of life written by someone who knew it firsthandknowledge came from an ethnographic adventure Interpretative Anthropologydescribing and interreting that which is meaningful to nativesClifford Geertzinterpretivist that view culture as meaningful texts that natives constantly read and ethnographers must deciphermeanings in culture are carried by public symbolic forms including words rituals and customsTrend in ethnographic writingto question traditional goals methods and stylesrediscovering people and cultures to change historical circumstancesEthnographers as mediator and communicates information from the natives to readersReflexive ethnography ethnographers put their personal feelings and reactionsto the field situation right in the textEthnographic presentperiod before westernization that is linked to salvage ethnographywhen the true native culture flourishedunrealistic construct because cultures have been changing throughout historyEthnography Anthropologys Distinctive StrategyEthnographyis a research process in which the anthropologist closely observes records and engages in the daily life of another culture or field work method and then writes accounts of this culture emphasizing descriptive detail research strategy in societies with greater cultural uniformity and less social differentiation than are found in large modern industrial nationsthey move from setting to setting place to place subject to subject to discover the totality and interconnectedness of social life provides a foundation for generalizations about human behavior and social lifeEthnographic Techniques1
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