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Gray Graffam

Digital media criticism Ch1: introduction What are digital media? o Anything that uses a digital mode of communication – cell phones, video games, computers o Has 4 diff kinds of relationships 1) Sharing - through websites, blogs, vlogs, videos - mediatize sharing: making it not only accessible to media elite but also to everyone with an internet connection - most imp kind of consumer generated content (CGC) – video (via youtube) 2) socializing - relationships that are textualized through writing, pictures and video - once posted, they invite attention, response and engagement with the community they are introduced into 3) communicating - idea of mobility (we can take our media environment with us wherever we go) 4) interacting - interacting is a central part of everyone’s life. Eg: students clustered around a video a friend has just sent to them - video game is the heart of digital media defined by its interactivity why learn media criticism? o Like learning a new language – if you speak English, then you are familiar with the roman alphabet Media surround us o Much like the air we breath, water we drink and apartment we live in o Makes up the stuff that you do in everyday life Media affect us – affects who we are and what we become o Eg: indulging in stereotype, assuming that teens are a little more than bundles of angst, hormones and hard rock Media tell our stories – the media speaks while we accept, reject, negotiate or listen to its messages What is media criticism? (p. 7) o Constituted by its institutional allegiance- scholarly enterprise o Media criticism is not a journalistic accounting of programming or content on med
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