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Chapter 4

ANTA02 In Search of Respect, Chapter 4 Notes

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Genevieve Dewar

ANTA02 – In Search of Respect; Chapter 4 GOING LEGIT: DISRESPECT& RESISTANCE AT WORK Problem of employment = structural - Restructuring U.S. around service jobs resulted in unemployment, income reduction, weaker unions, worker’s benefits eroded == cultural dislocation of service economy. o These cultural clashes = pronounced in office-work service jobs created during expansion o of finance & insurance sectors. o Done via propelling inner-city youths into cultural confrontation w/upper-mid white office culture where obedience to the norms is in direct CONTRAINDICATION to street culture’s definition of personal dignity – especially for males socialized not to accept public subordination.  Oppositional street identity = high cultural value in factory where tough, violently macho=norm. - Street youths treat return to hustling as triumph of free-will and resistance. o Refusal to be exploited in legal labor pushes them into crack econ and substance abuse. o Opposing mainstream via celebrating street marginality by culturally redefining crack dealing& unemployment as badge of pride (even if ultimately self-destructive). o None consider themselves victims – niche in underground econ shielded them from realizing they were socially/economically useless to mainstream society. o Personal powerlessness market forces (supply & demand) impose on vulnerable laborers during recessions.  Seen in Primo’s inc+ substance abuse b/c employment rejection plummets self-esteem.  Led to lashing out at unemployed girlfriend – inverting traditional gender roles of who should be employed whilst retaining patriarch’s prerogative of disciplining.  Fears of being aborchornado (bum). Pursuing Immigrant Dreams: - Polite superstitions of their parents jibaro past = picturing happily working in a deli, legitimately but still close to streets. - Jibaro definitions of proper decorum & reciprocal obligations to friends/family. o Didn’t want to go to friends moms house to do work for her because she lived alone – when finally went, did work, didn’t want to charge money because it's for friend’s mom. - Cultural production theory – crack dealers fail in legal world emphasize via disjuncture in cultural styles of communication &allocation of power = around social markers. - Political-econ understanding – point to how their parents had been channeled into margnz/d econ sector. o But when young they all chased the immigrant-working class dream, left school worked, but when factories close down they’re left w/few skills/edu to allow mobility outside the marginal factory jobs which traps their entire social network. o Ie don’t know how to get up and get out – no one around you knows how either – during period of jobless, all confined and unable to adapt to restructuring econ. - BOOK’S ARGUMENT!! Street-cultured youths have not passively accepted their structural victimization – rather they immerse into underground econ and embrace street culture – seeking an alte
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