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Chapter 5

ANTA02 In Search of Respect, Chapter 5 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Genevieve Dewar

ANTA02 – In Search of Respect; Chapter 5 SCHOOL DAYS Violence: - Social margnz’n is constructed & enforced in the interfaces among family friends and school, especially for pre-teenage years. - Mainstream society’s early socialization tool for inner city = public school. o Kids of immigrants: their institutional alienation compounded by cultural/generational gap that destabilized the traditional household power relations. o Bourieu: forms of cultural intrxn, like literacy = basis of “symbolic capital” which structures power in society – no capital = no power ie: mom loses power to school over son because she can't speak English. o Cultural production theory: teachers unconscious process subliminal class and cultural messages to hierarchies their students using:  Tangible markers like accent, clothing.  Subtle markers like eye contact, play style, attn spans. o Hierarchy use to persuade agents of mainstream mid-class white dominated bureaucracy that a partic child is has a discipline/emo/learning problem. - Aesthetics: graffiti on walls = triumph over institutionally hostile environment t/f the aesthetic of human genius asserts itself in face of despair/oppression – aesthetics of security? Territoriality? - Violence then organizes daily school life => becoming primary memory– fight/fuck for respect. o Its nec for youths to cultivate violent personas when shifted from one school to another. o It conflates w/machistic focus on sexual conquest = parameter for schoolyard respect The peer group= the other socializing force pushing marginal children into street culture and underground econ. - They learn from each other (non-academically) and spend time cultivating street identity In & outside confines
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