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Chapter 6

ANTA02 In Search of Respect, Chapter 6 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Genevieve Dewar

ANTA02 – In Search of Respect; Chapter 6 REDRAWING THE GENDER LINE Domestic violence: Process of carving out new public space for women = contradictory outcomes and pain. • Made worst by fundamental status quos that enforce male domination not being altered. • Males don’t accept new rights/roles women are obtaining &are trying to reassert their lost ‘grandfathers autocratic control’ over households/public space. Crisis of patriarchy = experienced from econ failure to provide as head of house since such structural transformations assault sense of masculine dignity. • Stabilising community institutions don’t exist in the inner city thus men struggle in a hostile vacuum trying to regain historical patriotic power. • Crisis manifests as polarization of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Ex. Candy, who’s capable of commanding respect on the street. • Embodies contradictory processes thru which gender & power rel’ps are being redefined in street culture. • “from child-abused daughter to child-abused wife” via romantic elopement. o In jibaro culture = legitimate cultural institution allowing girl’s resistance to paternal domination so long as she resubmits herself to control of her lover and establishes a conjugal household with him when she gets pregnant. Battered women syndrome via intergenerational transmission of violence and substance abuse (psychology) is applicable but lacking context. - Because it ignores: systematic dislocation in family structure caused by massive rural-urban migration. - Ex. Domestic brutality against Candy while pregnant emerges almost as expression of structural maladjustment.  Or perhaps husband’s sadism=attempt to retain jibaro ideal of large family.  Earlier generations might’ve understood violence (within limits) as legitimate role of a father coordinating his household laborers on small farm. Female liberation versus traditional sexual jealousy: Candy shot her husband for cheating on her with her sister. - Desperate attempt to hold onto traditional family values of a past. - Also display of violence establish credibility/respect in the streets. - ie. When gender confrontations and assertions of individual rights express themselves in the romantic idioms of sexual jealousy. - His affair violated kinship solidarity so she exhausted her battered-woman dependence on him by shooting him.  Asserting individual needs whilst binding to principle of male-domination (compare: like how romantic love allows subordinated women to both assert individual needs and be bound to male-dom’d nuclear families). - Jibaro explanation: ataque de nervios (P.Rican culture bound syndrome, commonly found in women abused since childhood by men, similar to panic attack).  Ataques = Legitimized forum for women to vent angst against dominant man when his abuse oversteps accepted boundaries.  Jealousy = common provocation for these culturally scripted violent outbursts by women. - T/F Candy followed traditional abuse survivor’s scenario by shooting husband - almost reaffirming patriarchal etiquette. Candy subsequent depression at husband imprisoned &subsequent lack of econ provision solved by falling in lo
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