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Chapter 3

ANTA02 In Search of Respect, Chapter 3 Notes

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Genevieve Dewar

ANTA02 – In Search of Respect; Chapter 3 CRACKHOUSE MANAGEMENT - Selling crack is like any business selling high-volume cheap commodities – it requires honest/disciplined workers - usually has management VS labourers confrontations and employee hierarchies. - Omnipresent danger, high profit margin, desperate addiction keeps crack dealing from becoming routine/tedious. Ray’s crack house management style req’s street capital “knowing where to set violent limits, when to show friendship &having flexible understanding w/out showing vulnerability”. - Done via manipulating kinship networks. o Majority employees are blood related or affiliated thru marriage. o Some incorporated thru fictive kinship like Godfather, making them & Ray Compadre (in P.rican culture sanctifies solidarity & reciprocal obligations between men). o Quasi-kin rel’p w/men thru women that have serial households by different fathers. - Lowering prices and upping product quality – outcompeting +pressuring other drug pushers to respect their turf. - Investing profits into expanding crack houses ie La Farmacia. - Investing in loyal employees – B/c Primo was a formal/founding member he was eligible for bail money, lawyers fees, bonus during special holidays, periodic gifts for his son, etc. Curbing addiction and channeling violence: Primo hired lookouts that were crack addicts. - To some extent out of sympathy, in attempt to curb their addiction. - To enable paying lower wages and more dependant working conditions (sub cash for crack). Caesar = good look out b/c he personified personal logic of violence in street culture of terror by intimidat
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