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Chapter 3

ANTA02 Cultural Anthropology, Chapter 3 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Genevieve Dewar

ANTA02 – Cultural Anthropology; Chapter 3  Totemism: the use of a symbol, generally an animal or a plant, as a physical representation for a group, generally a clan.  Ritual: a dramatic rendering or social portrayal of meanings shared by a specific body of people in a way that makes them seem correct and proper.  Symbolic actions: the activities – including ritual, myth, art, dance, and music – that dramatically depict the meanings shared by a specific body of people.  Metaphor: a figure of speech in which linguistic expressions are taken from one area of experience and applied to another.  Domain of experience: an area of human experience from which people borrow meaning to apply to other areas.  World view: an encompassing picture of reality based on shared cultural assumptions about how the world works.  Key metaphors: a term to identify metaphors that dominate the meanings that people in a specific culture attribute to their experience.  Myth: a story of narrative that portrays the meanings people give their experience.  Key scenarios: dominant stories or myths that portray the values and beliefs of a specific society.  Revitalization movements: the term suggested by Anthony F.C. Wallace for attempts by a people to construct a more satisfying culture.  Syncretization: the term given to the combination of old beliefs or religions and new ones that are often introduced during colonization. Example: ghost dance of native Americans and voodoo among Haitians  Creole: a term used commonly to refer to the formation of slave societies in the Caribbe
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