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Feeding Desire chp. 3&4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Chapter 3 Womens bodies inherently attract, and mens bodies are inherently attracted beauty of fattening is in fact deeply embedded in and shaped by Islam The centrality of Islam in Azawagh Arab life They believe that they are all descended from prophet Mohammad Considering Islam is to offer all humans the only path to salvation Islam and Islams For the Azawagh Arabs, Islam is not something they converted to at some point in the past but is something in their blood Islam and the body Islam suffuses the bodies as well as the minds and souls of the faithful not only because of Islamic understanding of how the body works, but especially because of the regular corporeal devotion it demands o Prostration toward Mecca five times a day amidst a series of ritualized bodily postures that accompany prayer. Islam is a constant attention paid to ones own body The euphemism commonly used for menstruation is lack of prayer Menstruation puts women in an impure state not only because the blood itself is conceived of as unclean, but also because in menstruation a womans body is opened and uncontained Islam is a highly embodied faith in the bodily obedience it demands of adherents o Prostration and fasting It is also a faith that speaks to the body in the implied meanings it bestows upon the bodys forms, particularly female forms. Women do not pray during the forty days of confinement following childbirth, when the bodies are open and leaking inner fluids to the outer world Islam, gender, and the social fabric www.notesolution.com
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