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VSI- Impo Concepts

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Maggie Cummings

social structure- the idea that social relations are patterned and predictable- the formal rules governing the relationships within society- Bronislaw Malinowski and A.R. Radcliffe Brown- sought to understand the ways in which groups are formed in society- relation to one another- the functions- both latent and manifest Browns joking relationship is where one party is permitted and sometimes required to tease or make fun of the other who in turn is required to take no offense (crow indians- sisters and brother in law relationship example) vs. the avoidance relationship characterized by extreme mutual respect and a limitation of direct personal contact (older navaho women example)- the function of this behaviour in societies? Brown looked at joking and avoidance behavior as standardized social relationships which are found primarily in structural situations in which the potential for conflict or social awkwardness is high. This led to his conclusion of the function of such behaviour as not opposites but alternative way of solving the same problem: providing people with a kind of social script for getting around difficult structural situations either by allowing the most egregious behavior and requiring them not to take offence or by prohibiting them from interacting at all Browns approach was called structural functionalism looked at social anthropology as comparative anthropology Bronislaw Malinowski showed that instituions such as law and complex economics were possessed by primiti
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