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Torso In The Thames Todd Sanders They found the mutilated body of a young black boy in the river of thames, Police said it was a form of an African ritual murder. o Everything about the case was pretty much shown on crime shows related to police, like crimewatch, a show where they tried connecting the killing in Holland to the one in thames.in the end, no connection, the dutch girl was killed by her parents. Witch craft: called Sangomas, who use body parts and ointments in their potions for witchcraft o Obeh: west african form of Witchcraft. Credo mutwa, a guy frm the medicine marker who was a traditional healer, told the police the details of the ritual and what tribe it was from. Occult: Adams body parts were sold for occult purposes. He was trafficked from West Africa as a child slave solely for the purpose of killing. Police: London metropolitan police: The MET. The paper is about how the police and media got together to make an image of africans and africa. They sent the message that Africans do immoral things on the whole, and their acts are corrupting the british society. Basically they made the african Otherness more noticeable, underscored it, didnt undermine it. Detective inspector Will O Reilly: head of the investigation. Police connected the name found on the candles in the river to west africa and youroba. they flew in an african guy who was specializing in the study of these rituals. The guy said it was african stuff. Nelson Mandela: the guy who made the worldwide appeal to help find the murderer There was a similar case in 1969 where a dad killed a baby girl to get his luck back The police randomly arrested a woman from nigeria and flew her to london for investigation, but she wasnt connected, yet had voodo like things at her house. A team from scotland yard went to nigeria and collected samples of everything, all this was in the newspaper, so media has like a big connection to spreading word. In Nov 2002, the story in london was human flesh sold in london it said police had raided an illegal african bush meat , and human flesh, in london. A documentary was made on the torso story, overall giving the message that adam is only the tip of the iceberg, pointing to an underground business of trade in african kids for occult purposes. www.notesolution.com
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