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Maggie Cummings

Reading Notes Week 3 VSI ch7Feeding Desire prologue ch 12 and Online Readings VSI ch7Bimanese share land with Dou Donggo speak the same language followers of Islam and a majority on Sumbawa Island belonged to the lower landsusually wet and dry climates drought took place both groups used own methods of prayers to pray for rain to grow cropsBimanese prayed to Allah fasted in the Grand MosqueDonggo cleaned mouth of a mountain spring and the debris then offered rice wine rice betel tobacco and sacrifice a chicken indicating the killing of spirits blocking water flowrainA few days later there was eventually rainfall more than unusual Bimanese had a semifeudal society where the Sultan owned the land and everyone in it Donggo society is more egalitarian kin and neighbors are help and problems in ones societyEmile Durkheimpeople are socially categorized by their religion impacting the social aspect of life Rites of passageleaving behind one status to acquire a new one conducted by performing rituals sometimes referred to as life crisis rituals Belief SystemsReligion helps us deal with problems in human life that are significant intolerable Religion puts together ideas of how and why the world is put in this way Characterized as a belief in witchcraftmagic Religious MovementsMillenary Movements Led by prophet to explain and fix problems society may faceCharisma and RoutinizationCreating a group of supporters to institutionalize movementeven removing prophet from authorityProcess known as routinization Religious Belief and Economic Behavior Geertz saw the relation between religion and economic behavior in Java where he witnessed shared poverty people distributed their wealth among neighbors and family People travelled by steamship to Meccaa holy place for Javanese Muslims where hajis built schools used students to work in their lands which increased land and capitalMixtec Christians used their passion about Jesus and combined It to their own beliefs of the the Sun creating a new belief system to emerge known as syncretistic by anthropologists but not any more
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