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Chapter 1

chapter 1 and 2 of feeding desire

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Maggie Cummings

Chapter 1 The Azawagh Niger consist of people from different ethnic background with different languages and customs however all the groups share a faith in Islam The Wodaave Fulani a group that became Muslim only recentlythe Azawagh Arabs of Niger are concentrated in the north of the region Who are the Azawagh ArabsAcross the huge swath of land where Moors including Azawagh Arabs reside they share devotion to Islam belief in Arabian roots similar dialects of Arabic an economy based on herding and trade The Arabs of Niger do no consider themselves one with the inhabitants of Mauritania The term Moor is of European derivation and is not used in teh local language anywhere in the Moor world the term also has a long history of European usage to refer to Berber and Arab peoples of other times and placethus the word is confusingAmong Azawagh Arabs there are three castes 1 the white or free Arabs 2 the former slave caste called haratin 3 the small artisan caste also called blacksmiths in western languages The skin color represents hierarchyeven though slavery has been officially outlawed there sti
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