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Article notes for the ritual of american hospital birth

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Maggie Cummings

David FlyodThe rituals of American Hospital Birth the Author in this article is questioning why do Americans feel the need to rely on hospitals and technology to give birth Why are women and delivered baby are hooked to machines and why are they given hormones during the process of delivery to speed their labors Furthermore he support this notion by providing an example that nearly one quarter of deliveries are delivered by Cesarean section The author challenges the notion of technological reliance of Americans because he argues that in other parts of the world the delivery of baby is a natural process without any medical interventions Moreover it works out very well infact The author states that many Americans including most of the doctors and nurses who attend birth view these procedures as medical necessities However many anthropologist describe that in many less technological areas in the world ie Mayan Indians of Highland Chiapas hodl onto a rope while squatting for birth a position that is far more physiologically efficacious than the flatonyourbackwithyourfeetinstirrups lithotomy position So what then might explain the standardization and technical elaboration of the American birthing processBecause Americans beliefs centers around science technology patriarchy and the institutions that control and disseminate them Therefore hospitals are part of the core values and belief system among Americans and thus salient in American birth Rites of PassagA Ritual is a patterned repeti
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