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Chapter 7

chapter 7(VSI)

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Maggie Cummings

Chapter 7 A Drought in Bima People and Their Godsy The Dou Donggo share the eastern part of Sumbawa Island with the Bimanese a larger group who speak the same language and share much history with the Dou Donggo butwho are fervent followers of Islam yThe climate of the region is characterized by sharply differentiated wet and dry seasons y both Bimanese and the Dou Donggo depend on rain for their crops the timing of the wet seasons arrival is crucial y In 1982 no rain opeople became more and more anxious especially sincemany farmerswould literally starvey IMPORTANT The differing responses of the two groups to this crisis o The Muslim lowlanders declared a day of fasting and prayer y ask Allah to give them rain oIn the Donggo highlanders group of respected village elders which were community and ritual specialists went out into the bush to a particular mountain spring There they cleaned the accumulated debris from around the mouth of the spring and made an offering of ri
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