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Feeding desire ch7

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Maggie Cummings

Chapter 7 The Men Bring US What we Will Eat Herding trade and slaveryMaterial value and aesthetic valuesThe author want to attempt to reconcile two seemingly opposed truths about fattening and Moor life in general one is the beauty and allure of the fattened female form are read almost entirely in aesthetic and sexual terms by Azawagh Arabs themselvessecondthe aesthetic is necessarily grounded in the material realities of Moor subsistence so the author gives a similar example of westjust how being slim doesnt imply that your man is wealthy in west similarly fatness in A Arab doesnt strongly correlate being concluding that fatness is solely related or defines the womans husbands wealth the author says that yes in general there is a correlation between economic circumstances and bodily ideals but it is reductionist and misleading to explain that economic situation is a mere result of the fatness in A Arab and in WEST for being thin role of Arab women in economy The only work Arab women are expected to perform is a kind of pseudoworkstomach workHerding and trade men workthis is done by 1 honour and prestige measured in sons worldly success and otherworldly devotion and 2 earthly comfort and pleasu
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