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Maggie Cummings

Feeding desire ch 69Ch6To be an Azawagh Arab woman you must have a fattened body type and maintain it throughout life Bodies symbolize like our words and make them socially meaningful with beautification fattening any meanings attached make them seem natural and groundedMale and Female BodiesCulture and bodies correlated and hold meaning in society Girls at age 6 go from learning Koran through language to learning through body ingesting principles and values of culture to be represented and reproduced for the whole society Male fetus take form quicker than female in wombbody differences from birth but girls outside the womb mature quicker than boys Women use to refer as themselves as all those who are cut penis men in playful talk represented their penis with a tightened upright forearm Womencut open and vulnerableMenstrong upright and whole men hold things in bodies women are in danger of losing them pg138Hawa and AdamaAzawagh Arab bodies Arabs walk by and look from the corner of their eyes Tuareg look all around different behaviortechniques of bodyMaussto figure out ethnicity Azawagh Arab women have a certain bodyfat usually seated if walking they sway and lumber Skin colour is read as an outer sign of inner moral and nature of being status lighterhigher By fattening women assert their identity as nonslave and nonmaleMetaphorical bodies Their bodies were the source of differentiation and significance against which a languages power to know the world was judgedThey represent stuff with their bodies and through bodily expressions metaphoric connections between body and environment ex Breasts can also be referred to as stones in earringsand mouthsvaginas doorways holes wells femmlong roadnippleafter sex women should wipe herself wipe their mouth represents vaginamouth synonymous to vagina without saying to talk or eat openly in an inappropriate situation is similar to confessing sexual appetite or interest The connectedness of the bodies to the world around them40 days aftergiving birth women stay in confinement with child to protect self from evil spirits because after giving birth they are opendo not urinate at dusk open
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