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Maggie Cummings

ISRIntro ch 12 2 PDFsISR Intro The Underground economy Cost of living high there for poverty high for people living in El barrioMuch money made by underground economymen sellingbuying drugs and illegal substances Many people employed in this business in East Harlem including youth men and womennot many were working legalofficial jobs as declared by the census many AfricaLatino were not counted in the census 2040 Street culture resistance and selfdestruction inner city street culturebeliefs symbols modes of interaction valuesideologies emerged from exclusion from mainstream society alternative for independent personal dignity Political opposition and rebellious practices running society Community not involved in street culture is afraid of people who are getting muggedassaulted Ethnographic Methods and Negative Stereotyping You do not have to be a drug dealer or addict to be involved in hard times honest citizens also take part in the underground economy deduction in income tax returnsCritiquing the culture of poverty Puerto Ricans in El Barrio known as most researched but least understood people in the US History culture politicaleconomic structures constrain individuals livesCh 1 Learning street smarts Ray was a big leader and had many crack houses and Felipe almost disrespected him by asking him to read something in the paper but Ray could not read Ray bought Philippe and himself Heineken instead of Budweiser which is cheaper to distinguish themselves from the restby their green imported bottles Primo was Philippes closest friend and manager of Rays crack housesknown as Game RoomThe parameter of violence power and generosity Primo is scared of Ray since hes wild and crazy has lots of respect in the streets Ray and his childhood friend Luis raped an old male in the empty lot by the game room chiotaa snitch Committing acts of violence frequently kept people scared of you and respected otherwise people take advantage of you and think your soft
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