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Maggie Cummings

Week 12 readingsch 69EpilogueCh 6People prefer to give birth to boys since girls are too easy to rape Witnessing Patriarchy in CrisisMale violence because women gaining more rights in society and in the household Men lost much of their power due to bad economic standards unemployment and structural transformations Candy received money from welfare and SSI checks independent women who had lots of respect on the streetsDomestic Violence in Postindustrial TurmoilCandy was abused by her father therefore got married at 13 and had a baby with Felix They ran away from courts who tried to take their baby she was abused by Felix and attempted suicide a number of timesCandy You see when youre a childabused daughter from the age of 8months to thirteen then you find an abused husband battered women syndrome Felix caused her a number of miscarriages through abuse maybe because of decline in workFemale Liberation versus Traditional Sexual Jealousy Candy shot Felix in the stomach understanding her liberating act as the outburst of a jealous women who was romantically in live with an unfaithful man cheating on her with street girls and her own sisterShe was trained by Felix from the age of 1233streetwise Culture bound Puerto Rican syndrome made her shoot him women abused from childhood by men Recovery sex drugs and more romantic loveCandy after her fifth child fell in love with Primo and the underground economy enabling her to recover from her paralyzing grip Felix still had from the prison cell Ray believed in Candy and knew she was strong because what she did to her husband public displays of violence establish credibility on the streets Inverting Patriarchy She shared her experiences with other women who get abused and told them to shoot their husbands in they disrespect them Candy was telling everyone about her sexual relationships like Felix and didnt let any girl come close to Primo
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