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Chapter 5

In Search of Respect: Ch. 5 Notes

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Maggie Cummings

Chapter 5 School Days Learning to be a Better Criminal ANTA02Family school and peer groups are important for construction and enforcement of social marginalizationMisogyny of women is enforced through gang rapeKindergarten Delinquencies Confronting Cultural Capital Cultural and generation gap destabilizes power relation between parents and childrenMom as authority figure becomes illiterate sweat shop worker to children when parents interact with teacherDoing well in school is betraying his moms love in a way by siding with teacherTeachers subconsciously enforce hierarchy of white domination o Made Primo seem like he was stupid and had discipline problemHe was judged with class and social inequalitySchool is where cultural capital and symbolic violence conflicts with childrenMost enforcement of social power is unconsciousPrimo was stuck between two cultures because Puerto Rico is aware of inner city trouble in NY and they distrust Puerto Ricans that are from thereViolence Family and Institutional Caesars mom came from more urban part of Puerto Rico and was more literate and acculturated o Lead to more violenceCaesar had to learn to be violent because moving to each school people tried to i
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