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Chapter 3

In Search of Respect: Ch. 3 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Chapter 3 Crackhouse Management Addiction Discipline and Dignity ANTA02Crack selling is like other businesses in that it involves risk and management versus employee hierarchies Living with CrackPrimo was once addict but his first cousin Felix who founded the Game Room crackhouseFelix offered Primo a job after Felix was injured allowed him selfworth and confidence to kick crack habitRay took over after Candy sold the Game Room to him o Felix lost it after he was sent to prison o Candy shot Felix after she found him sleeping with his sister Restructuring Management at the Game RoomRay kept Primo but gave him shift hours and commission from crackRay was very good at labor relations o Knew when to be violent and when to show friendship without appearing vulnerable o Did this by hiring people that were related to family or made them relate to his familyEg by making Primo a godfather they established compadreCompadrazgo sanctifies solidarity and reciprocal obligations with menPrimo was a founding member of Rays crackhouses so he got
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