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Chapter 4

In Search of Respect: Ch. 4 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Chapter 4 Goin Legit Disrespect and Resistance at Work ANTA02Almost everyone in Rays network had history of working legally at young age o By the time most were 21 they had failed to keep a legal jobStructural problem of legal jobs o When Puerto Ricans were movinginto factor based economies on New York when those jobs were becoming obsolete o Factory jobs have been drastically reduced while service jobs have increased o Finance Real estate and Insurance jobs took over FIREAccording to the author the made a cultural clashing effect o Puerto Ricans found it difficult to function in uppermiddleclass white world where they have to show public obedience contradict with street culture for personal dignityMales are socialized to not accept public subordination Resistance Laziness and SelfDestructionDealers see leaving the legal world as rebellious but want to go back to legal world all the timeThey hate the working conditions and pay but fear they are themselves lazy or incompetentCaesar liked to be in control when he makes money illegally he does what he wants with it o He makes very little but its enough to do what he wants drugs o When he had a legal job he did crack and was taxed heavily First FiredLast FiredNo one in Rays network considered themselves victims because they lived in a bubble where the underground economy was the norm o Were not aware that they were socially and economically disadvantagedPrimo was unaware of the economys impact on him finding a job which led him to blame his counselor for not finding a job o Market hits vulnerable labourers the mostPrimo was structurally marginalized economy made it hard to find a job and he was getting too old for the jobs he was applying forHis confidence took a hit became frustrated and turned to drugs Internalizing UnemploymentPrimo escalated his drug use when he couldnt find a jobEnforced patriarchal principle of family discipline by lecturing girlfriend about not getting a job o This was odd because in patriarchy man is supposed to workPuerto Ricans had one of the lowest labour force participation ratesCaesar saw dealing as and street culture as something to be proud of they were rebelling from traditional society Crossover DreamsCultural capital allows people to interact with credibly with middleclass society
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