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Chapter 5

Feeding Desire study notes from prologue to chapter 5. Good information for Feeding Desire Essay too

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Maggie Cummings

Feeding Desire by Rebecca Popenoe Prologue: beauty ideal and what they mean to a society Sahara desert is home to Moors (Muslims) for whom the ideal female beauty is obesity all societies modify the human body in some way and have done so since the beginnings of civilizations humans are in some way programmed to respond to beauty universal ideals of beauty include: youthfulness, smooth skin, symmetry, and for women, hips that are wider than their waists researchers have concluded that what is considered most beautiful is often that which is most average 81% of the worlds societies prefer plumpness; this does not include the Moor societies as their preference is extremely more bigger than just plumpness Obesity has a negative biomedical connotation and is a stigmatized body form in the West Some societies see plumpness as happiness, beauty and sexual appeal - Fijians, Jamaicans, Egyptians etc Fatness, for the Azawagh Arabs is important on different levels that are interwoven together: Islam, family, marriage, kinship, being. Part 1, chapter 1 is about how Popenoe came to the Azawagh Arabs, chapter 2 describes accounts of fattening in the past and the fattening encountered by Popenoe. Part II constitutes three chapters: 3) Azawagh Arabs as Muslims, 4) people as defined by blood relationships to kin, and 5) people as herders, traders and former slave owners Chapter 1: Coming into the Azawagh human life is much more fragile and exalted in this desert than in a Western world www.notesolution.com
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