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Feeding Desire chp 1&2

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Maggie Cummings

Feeding Desire Chapter 1 The structure of the Azawagh Arab society is dysfunctional. Females are forced to be fattened, they believe fattening is a form of beauty, and the society believes they are the most unique of mankind because they are the decedents of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). West Africa lies the Azawagh of Niger The Azawagh Heavy braids make up the stiff hairstyles of Arab women The windswept corner of Niger is today home to a patchwork of distinct ethnic groups, comprising a metropolitan desert world of different languages customs Dominant ethnic group in the region has been the Tuareg, silver-bejewelled women have appeared in the movies like the Sheltering Sky and Beau Geste Slave caste known as the Bouzou, who are a populous ethnic group in their own right Cattle-raising, nomadic Wodaabe Fulnai The Wodaabe, became Muslim only recently Hausa and Zarma, sub-Saharan black groups that dominate Niger politically and numerically, arrived in the north as civil servants, government officials, and traders The Azawagh has known fighting the violent French colonization of the Tuareg at the start of the twentieth century The Azawagh Arabs of Niger are concentrated in the north of the region Their de facto capital is the village of Tassara Tassara and Tchin Tabaraden came into being only in the last fifty years and are the products of outside intervention, not indigenous settlement alone Tchin was established by the French in the middle of the century Who are the Azawagh Arabs? Western parts of the Sahara desert known most commonly as for West as moors www.notesolution.com
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