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Ch 2 Notes In Search of Respect

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Maggie Cummings

Chapter 2: A Street History of El Barrio ANTA02 Puerto Rico was historically militarily controlled, because its an important strategic location in the middle of the Caribbean, important for shipping things Both Spanish and Americans cared more about military control than the people Puerto Ricans cant vote in US but are subject to US rule o Almost a third of income in Puerto Rico comes from US social assistance o 50% of Puerto Ricans qualified for food stamps From Puerto Rican Jibaro to Hispanic Crack Dealer When Americans took over, land was given to American export companies, forced some farmers to go work on sugar plantations Jibaro in English is Hillbillies. Farmers who survive on their own o Became symbol of self respect because they resist foreign influence, live for themselves Jibaros meaning changed with culture Puerto Ricans went from farmers to working in plantations to factory workers Many went to Harlem in New York, and US Found jobs in manufacturing in 40s and 50s in new York, when those jobs were becoming service jobs Went from: o Privately owned and self-sustaining o Labourers in foreign owned plantations o Factory workers in shantytowns o Sweatshop workers in ghettos o Service center employees in projects o Underground economy entrepreneurs US used Puerto Rico as capital example and contrast to Cuba, let companies make tons of cash relatively tax free www.notesolution.com
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