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Ch 6 Notes In Search of Respect

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Chapter 6: Redrawing The Gender Line on The Street ANTA02 Misogyny is dislike of women Even children knew about common violence against women Witnessing Patriarchy in Crisis Despite how common violence against women is, they dont live in terror They are being empowered slowly Men lash out against women and children they can no longer control Achievements of women have been framed in individual rights, ignores macro change that is occurring Structural forces have allowed women different roles o A nuclear family of 2 children in inner NY cities cant be afforded by just the father working Men struggle to hold on to masculinity and jibaro ways Puerto Rican street culture has male authoritarianism and concerns over sexual fidelity y, promiscuity, and public display of male domination o This prevented the author as a male from having in depth conversations with women Candy was mad that her husband didnt give her any money and wasted it all on cocaine and his girlfriend, leaving Candy to fend for herself and her 5 children Domestic Violence in Postindustrial Turmoil Someone always had to be around when author and Candy were talking, or else it would be seen as inappropriate or even dangerous Romantic elopement is legitimate cultural institution for jibaros o Allows girl to resists her fathers domination o Candy ran away from him with her mothers blessing bc Candys dad would beat Candy As long as woman submits to her lover, and they have a household when she is pregnant, it is okay www.notesolution.com
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