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Ch 8 Notes In Search of Respect

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Maggie Cummings

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Chapter 8: Vulnerable Fathers ANTA02 Fathers not being around is not the biggest problem for children, its poverty o Fathers in inner city are often abusive Rural household with male parent working cant be continued because there arent any jobs o Dont have protection of family or community Idealized jibaro lifestyle rejects people with power in US society Respect and dignity conflict with historical colonial dependency, migration, urbanization and ghettoization Street culture of entry level labor and underground economy force people into poverty and violence Celebrating Paternal Powerlessness Men focus their energy on underground economy where they can have masculine dignity through promiscuity, violence and substance abuse They channel their failure to establish a nuclear family to other things Primo made up for his inability to support his children, traditionally masculine responsibility, by becoming a womanizer Most men had idea for sex role that only men are allowed to be promiscuous Eddie (Caesars) cousin believed having many women was a way of making them feel free, even though they were poor and oppressed Masculinity in Historical Crisis Ray and people as old as
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