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Ch 9 Notes In Search of Respect

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Maggie Cummings

Chapter 9: Conclusion ANTA02 Structural, racial, and class oppression is too complex to be solved by simple policy changes in the short term Economic and political structural forces, history, culture and individuals all need addressing Confronting Racial and Class Inequality - Instead of Drugs US is one of most powerful and rich countries, but inner cities are impoverished *Drugs are internalizing of frustration, resistance, and powerlessness o Its an expression of deeper structural dilemmas Drug use is qualitatively worse in 1990s than 1980s, but reason is because of a larger gap between working class and rich o Restructuring of world economy by global corporations, financial capital, digital technology and less public intervention on behalf of poor are contributors There is a sharp divide (polarization) of income according to class, gender and region o E.g. married Puerto Ricans make much more, female and elderly lead households made much less To attack drugs, the author suggests balance between underground and legal economy has be to be addressed: 1. The profitability of drug economy 2. Fragility and hostility of entry-level legal labor market Decriminalizing drugs
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