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Couple in a cage film

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Maggie Cummings

The couple in a cage: A musical group who travelled around America, Europe and Australia, etc Primitive people were placed in cages, and the people who went to the VIDEO (couple in a cage) The couple were chained by and held of people then later placed into cage where they were observed by people in (Guatineau close to the gulf of Mexico) The couple were dressed in animal skin, bird feathers in the head, paints on their face, they were able to watch television and use computers (they picked up traditions really well, drinking coco- cola, listening and dancing to music), they spoke a weird language that no one understood They were treated really badly (placed in cages, chained up, fed food from outside the cage like animals) The two people in the cages were actors, they were studying the people who were studying them, many of the visitors thought that they were real Questions: 1. What does the exhibit remind you of? Have you ever seen anything like it? Where? 2. What kind of things mark the couple primiti
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