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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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Michael Schillaci

Chapter 10: From Hominoid to Hominin Hominins were among pioneering species Spread of woodland and savanna led to evolution of first hominins about 6 mya Beginning about 6 mya, hominins being to appear in fossil record 4-2 mya, diverse community of hominin species ranged through eastern and southern Africa Different from any of Miocene apes in 2 ways: o They walked upright, shift to bipedal locomotion led to major morphological changes in their bodies o New savanna and woodland habitats, new kinds of food became available- change in chewing apparatus (teeth, jaws, skull) changed Classified with humans in tribe Hominini Is taxonomic unit between family and genus Humans belong to family Hominidae that includes all great apes and genus Homo 5 categories of derived traits distinguish modern humans from contemporary apes: o we are bipedal o dentition and jaw musculature are different from those of apes in number of ways. Ie. We have wide parabolic dental arch, thick enamel, reduced canine teeth, larger molars in relation to other teeth o have larger brains in relation to body size o develop slowly, with long juvenile period o depend on elaborate, highly variable material and symbolic culture, transmitted in part through spoken language At the Beginning genetic data indicate that last common ancestor of humans and chims lived between 7-5mya during this period, first see hints of some of distinctive f
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